What's CyberRebeatCTF ?

CyberRebeat is the name of a novel game created by doujin circle, E.N.Nach.
The game focuses on the topics of cybersecurity, hackers and CTF.
The rarity of these subjects alongside the high quality of the game itself netted many awards in Japan.
To celebrate the launching of the English version of CyberRebeat on Steam, this event was organized to get people interested in CTF.

What's CTF ?

CTF (Capture The Flag) is a type of competition that utilizes the techniques and knowledge of information security.
There are many varieties of CTF but this event will be a Jeopardy-style CTF (ie. question-based) competition.
For more detailed information, check out the entry on Wikipedia. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capture_the_flag#Computer_security)


Q. How will the quality and management of the CTF competition work? Will it be a true to form simulation? Also, what is the difficulty level?

A. CyberRebeatCTF will be run with the cooperation and guidance of Active Defense Institute, Ltd. and Aqutras Inc.
They will be running the score sever as well as aid in the creation of the questions.
The questions will range in difficulty so that everyone from non-engineers to experienced CTF participants can enjoy it.

Q. Will there be any disadvantages if you haven't played the game this is based on?

A. No. The contents of the questions will be no different from standard CTF.
However, unrelated to the answers, there will be questions like for example, a Stegano problem that may use images from the game.
This is the level of collaboration we will have regarding the CyberRebeat game itself.

Event Summary

Online Jeopardy-style

Date: September 08, 06:00 - September 09, 06:00 UTC

Competition Timeframe: 24 Hours

Languages: Japanese, English

What is CyberRebeat?


I don't know of a time without the internet.
Ever since we were born, we've had the net;
the world being connected was simply a matter of fact.

I've never once questioned why keyboards are arranged in QWERTY.
Neither have I wondered how to use a mouse.
Social media feels far more comfortable than a telephone does.

The world is always connected.
The world is always open.

In the sea of the net, colored by a prism,
they looked up at the sky and declared:

― We are hackers ―

This is a story about hackers.
The protagonist "Hiro" lives in a net cafe, and alongside his childhood friend and fellow hacker, "Misa", they pursue the truth regarding the fatal accident of someone they knew who was also involved in hacking.

Soon it becomes clear that there is a grand plot at hand and something from the past that has continued unabated point towards the possibility of the involvement of hackers. Under the guise of information warfare via CTF, with large-scale power outages in the US and the destruction of the Golden Shield Project in China, it is now clearly full blown cyber warfare.

This comes to be called the 5th Domain of Warfare.
In the chaos, the legendary hacker who rose up years ago during the calamity known as the "8.31 Incident", suddenly makes their move.

"It is this that will bring down karma onto the hackers. Therefore, codename KARMA. A perfect name, don't you think, Hero?"


Niconico Indies Game Fest 5 "Windows Forest Award"
Niconico Indies Game Fest 5 Novelsphere "Award of Excellence"
Doujin Game of the Year 2014 "Burning Excitement" Category


Planning/Scenario: Earu Notable Works: "Re:LieF ~DeaR YoU~
Illustration: Manose Kikyou
Backgrounds and Design: Tetchen

Organizer: E.N.Nach

E.N.Nach is Blonz Sponsor of SECCON 2018.

Event Assistance:
Active Defense Institute, Ltd. / Aqutras Inc.

Translation Assistance:
Sekai Project

Contact Information:

Twitter : @CyberRebeat
Email : ennach@gmail.com

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